G n W Designs has been at the precious metal casting services for over 15 years. Developing many unique methodologies to produce only the best quality castings from the designs submitted for production.

We have always accepted new challenges, and developed solutions. This is of particular interest when it comes to the casting, which G n W Designs has been successfully casting for over 15 years also

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The most popular precious metals that we cast include:

gold grain

  • Gold - 18kt Yellow, 18kt White, 14kt Yellow, 14kt White, 10kt Yellow
  • Silver - Sterling.

Enquiries are welcome for unusual precious metal alloys.

Many clients send us hand carved items in wax, which we cast directly into the required metal, and we only have one chance. Sometimes though, we are requested to cold mold the wax item first. We also accept a wide variety of materials that have been hand worked, as well as natural objects, such as shells, twigs, pine cones, flowers, that can be cold molded.

gold tres