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Before sending your sketches you might need our NDA Standard Contract in order to protect your Intellectual Property on your designs. It is our ethical duty to respect your intellectual property, nevertheless if you need a written agreement please provide your full physical address and responsible person's name to fill in the contract.

Please copy/paste this text in your email and modify/delete the text according to your situation

Please finish to READ THIS ENTIRE FRONTPAGE before you contact us:



Product type and name:

Regroup your descriptions under a paragraph for each product.

The paragraph should have the product name as header.

(Ex: Pendant-01)

Pictures related to a product should have the same root name. 

(Ex: Pendant-01-example-of-chain.jpg or Pendant-01-side-view.jpg)


Sketches, Technical Drawings and Dimensions: (Design Templates) 

Try to imagine that you are the one trying to build a 3D object or to make a price yourself, then what information would you need?

1- We need at least the global dimensions of the entire piece (length, width, depth) so we can put it on real scale, calculate other dimensions proportionally and evaluate the weight of metal and the size and amount of gemstones.

2- If you already know the weight, even in another metal please let us know.

3- The scale is important and the most common mistake when the drawings are not made in real size is to have stones or engraving that are to small when we put it on real size. Please refer to the gemstones section and the engraving section to take in account the technical constraint regarding the minimum sizes available for gemstones and minimum line thickness for engraving.


The easiest way not to forget basic information is to use our templates to build your documentation, and you can use the letters (a) (b) (c) etc to specify dimensions for sides that are not visible on your sketches.: 

(Click here to access the Design Templates Page)


Metal, plating and texture:

Please do not forget to specify which metal base you need and the plating for silver items (ant tarnish only, or rhodium plated or gold plated). By default we consider that everything is polished shiny but you can specify a texture like mat sandblast or brushed.

(Click here to learn more about plating and textures)



They will influence the price and the look of your jewelry. 

Please be very specific regarding the nature of the stones, the colors, the quality, or transparency.

See our link hereunder to make sure you are choosing appropriate gemstone varieties for your project. 

(Please read about gemstones availability by size)

(Please read about diamonds)

(Please read about pearls)


Chains and Findings:

They will influence the price and the look of your jewelry. 

Cheap and super light butterfly ear backs will save a lot on studs but the look is not the same.

Using a non-conventional chain will make your jewelry look unique but then it is important to arrange the supply.


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