Whether your needs are for a single custom piece cast or a quality production run Gold n Wax casting is your best choice. Our innovative techniques produce porosity free castings with fine surfaces and minimal parting lines. In short, your finished products will be greatly improved with a substantial reduction in labor costs. Castings can be supplied as raw, semi-finished or polished.
Stones in wax casting lost wax jewelry casting
We can supply wax patterns or you can elect to send us yours.

Of course designs, logo’s and artwork are held at all times in strictest confidence. A CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT is available.

All casting orders require 3-5 days to complete.

The price for a finished piece is as low as $25.00.
Customer must supply button.

14k Yellow Classic (Medium yellow)
14K Yellow High Silver (Light greenish yellow, 18K look)
14K Rose Color

CASTING SILVER. Price are reviewed as to the difficulty of the piece and size.

Merchandise is billed on actual weight of the finished piece.

Casting with your molds is based on the same structure.

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