mold cuttingEvery master model that is submitted is carefully evaluated before being embedded in a mold. As mentioned the feed design may need to be modified from that which the client has attached.

It is most important to plan the cutting to minimize the potential for join lines from the mold parting line. We also have to consider how best to cut, and vent the mold to allow for the easy extraction of the waxes to minimise possible damage or distortion. There are certainly primary patterns of cutting style for the majority of designs. However we are often presented with designs that require a unique solution, and no matter how well planned, and how well sketched, with complex items there is always a degree of working blind until you find the model within the rubber

Vulcanized Rubber

Silicone low temp
Low shrink rubber

Cold molding material (RTV 0% shrinkage molding rubber) is more difficult to cut than the vulcanized rubber, and with delicate sections is more prone to tearing. Therefore considerable extra care must be taken during the cutting process.

RTV Compound

0% shrinkage
Superior detail
No size limitations
We mold almost any material without damaging it

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