THERE IS NO PRICING POSSIBLE IF THERE IS NO PROPER DESIGN, and in most cases, we will charge for Design Work before we can obtain all the product specifications, the availability of the required materials on the market, and the approval from the customer. 

Having a 3D Design or a Wax modeling made by hand, we can evaluate and optimize the weight of the metal, the size and quantity of gemstones that we can fit on the piece, how many parts must be assembled, which technique will be used to create the molds, which machine should we use for wax printing from 3D Designed. 


For very simple jewelry projects we often try to make the 3D Design right away before charging anything and send a 3D preview with first pricing. Despite our efforts to accelerate the first pricing process, too often we cannot do this quick preview and pricing because we receive projects with missing information and this will slow down considerably the design process and the pricing process. 

We give priority to projects that are well presented because most of the time it reflects the organization and global marketing readiness of a new customer to launch a jewelry line and generate orders.


What information do we need?

Try to imagine that you are the one trying to build a 3D object or to make a price yourself, then what information would you need? 


In this page we are giving examples of dimensions required to build a model, and we will explain the different options and steps that are available to us for building a jewelry model.


Multiple Views:

We normally need a front view and a side view of the product, even if the drawing is not very good it will help us understand the 3D configuration of the product, raised and recessed areas, etc.


Global Dimensions :

If your sketches are on scale (on scale means with respect of proportions, it does not mean in real size), then in most cases we only need the GLOBAL DIMENSIONS (total length, total width, total thickness). Then we will calculate the intermediate dimensions, size of stones, etc.


Use our templates :

When sending only a single view picture of a product, then it would be good to make notes on the picture (print and make notes by hand and scan it, or use word or Photoshop to edit the picture and add comments).

If notations on the picture are not possible then please use the following templates and use the letters (a) (b) (c) etc to specify dimensions in your email. 



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