Professional jewelers, creators, jewelry designers, brands, and retailers willing to create your own line of jewelry products. The process for you is a little more detailed.


First, you need a cost-effective design, technically valid (working), carrying your original concept, and fitting your quality requirement for a good image of your brand and identity. We will rework your design with your cooperation to achieve this goal.


Once the design is up to your need (composition and average price) we go to the modeling process using hand wax modeling, 3D CAD rapid prototyping, or work directly on a silver master by hand. Sometimes we use a combination of the 3 techniques for different parts of your design.

 Molds and samples:

From this model, we create molds to reproduce the pieces in series and we deliver samples to confirm the product configuration and temporary production price.

 Test Production: 

You are then ready to make your first "test order" which will help you to set your quality standard with your remarks on a small test series, and this stage helps us to confirm the pricing, the processing time, the supply of materials according to your standards. 

Short Run Production for Products Large and Small:

Do you have a product idea, and need a small number manufactured. If so, GnW Manufacturing Services can take your low volume production needs from design to delivery in a shorter timeframe than most other custom manufacturers. Our multi-talented staff will collaborate with you to make sure your custom fabrication and short-run production projects are completed seamlessly and on time.

 Regular Production: 

Prices, time frames, QC points and quality standards for finish and gemstones are set. We are ready to take orders.


3 Levels of commitment:

 1) Creation Only: 

We can help you to create only, delivering samples first, and once satisfied you can retrieve the molds, 3D Files, etc. 

2) Punctual orders: 

We can produce medium to large quantities on punctual demand. In this case, we cannot guaranty that the orders can start immediately. We can give a starting date and time frame only at the time a customer places an order, depending on workload and materials sourcing timeframes from our suppliers.

3) Manufacturing Agreements:  

We can enter a venture where we guaranty capacity in exchange of a guaranty of minimum order in the form of a manufacturing plan established for a 120 days period or more for the production of a certain quantity of items in the customer's collection. No matter how small the quantity is chosen by our customer on this period we will guaranty the production of up to 3 times more if needed.  

This venture allows us to allocate a part of our manpower to the customer's project with respect for other customers' accounts and respect for our workers' job stability in case of an important project requiring the establishment of a dedicated production unit.



Provide molds and Samples:

We need to see samples of the quality of products achieved using your molds (whether this is what you want or what you don't want) to measure your expectations, see how to improve the product, see the quality of gemstones and accessories.

Test Production:

We still need to make a "test order" which will help you to set your quality standard with your remarks on a small test series, and this stage helps us to confirm the pricing, the processing time, the supply in materials according to your standards.

Regular Production:

Prices, time frames, QC points, and quality standards are set. We are ready to take orders. 

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