We are able to assist with design development. From the very beginning when a jewelry line is just a concept, we are able to help develop detailed schematics that can be used to develop a prototype.

If you can provide designs for a jewelry piece that a customer would like manufactured, then the next step is to make a prototype. In order to make the best possible prototype that corresponds to the customer's idea, we ask for as many specifics as possible using three dimensions where necessary for understanding spatial relationships.

1) CUSTOMER WILL SEND US A DESIGN, for us to establish a quotation

Respect Intellectual Property:

We can sign agreements for the protection of your designs and even provide a juristic frame for the production of your jewelry.(confidentiality agreement (CA), a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) , etc).


When constructing a design for us, if possible please try and send a view of the top, front and side views. With specific important components of the design. If we are unclear on an aspect of the design, we will ask for clarification before proceeding. All designs should include 3 dimensions.

If no technical design is provided for us, we can develop one for you. The price depends on the project and would be added on top of normal prototyping costs (generally between $50 and $350).

Sometimes it is not necessary to make a hand design or a CAD design and it will be more useful to make a wax by hand directly from customer's drawings or pictures.

jewelry design

This is enough because the design is relatively flat and we can calculate the stone depth (65% width) jewelry design: Quartz earrings


In this case, we need 2 views
as well as measurements.
Only 1 value can help us make a deduction
and calculate other dimensions of the object


When we receive detailed descriptions of a project we will be able to put together a quote with the estimated price of the prototype. This price is not the final price for the production of your jewelry. It includes research costs and molds which constitute a significant part of the prototypes' price.

Sometimes it is necessary to make wax by hand or to design the jewelry piece by the computer in order to retrieve a precise weight estimate prior to give a quotation to make a prototype.
In that case, we will need to charge our customer for the professional design work, finalize the design in all its aspects before proceeding with pricing.


The amount of discount between prototypes and finished goods can vary widely based on the design. Some types of jewelry don't require molds to be made and thus have small development fees. For these, the prototype will be close in cost to the final product.


A few examples of designs developed to use certain materials (diamonds baguettes, briolet necklace ):


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