Plating is used to PROTECT silver from oxidation, but is also used to bring an EXPECTED COLOR ON THE MARKET (chromium look on silver and white gold), or to CHANGE THE COLOR OF METAL BASE (like on gold plated brass jewelry, on gold plated silver jewelry), and another use of plating is to EVEN THE COLOR (used sometimes on pink gold jewelry when the chain and the main parts are show a variation of tone, and it will hide the welding points).

Texture is the second aspect that will play on the surface aspect. The main textures that will be applied in the finishing stage of jewelry are SHINY or MAT, BRUSHED or SANDBLAST effect. 

Some deeper texture effects must be prepared before casting (imprinted into the mold during the modeling stage) and will not require any special finishing task or cost unless we must apply a specific color or texture into the patterns.


Anti-tarnish coating: 

This is a cheaper option opposed to rhodium plating. It is a coating that will protect the jewelry during transportation and storage. Nevertheless it will not resist a bath in hard water (shower or swimming pool). Appropriate for none oxidized sterling silver and we use it as a standard on all sterling silver jewelry unless otherwise specified when customer wishes to have aging/antique look sterling silver jewelry. 


Rhodium plating: 

Rhodium will protect silver jewelry from oxidation and provide a white chromium color as opposed to the off-white natural color of silver. Rhodium plating is an important part of the costs in making silver jewelry. On a large and flat piece it can represent up to 25% of the costs. 


Ruthenium (black Rhodium): 

Even black color plating, different aspect from oxidized silver. Can be Shiny or matt depending on the surface texture.
Durable on silver if the jewelry is treated with care, otherwise scratches will reveal the color of the base metal underneath. 


Gold plating (yellow or pink in various shades): 

For the same reason we recommend a strong plating on silver base for a more durable gold plating on silver base. The electro-plating will inevitably wear off with time even if the jewelry is treated with care. Please refer to the links below this section for a durability guideline depending on plating thickness.



Rhodium plating: 

Can be used to provide a chromium finish to white gold jewelry, but can also help to mark and enhance white diamond pave sections on yellow gold jewelry. Rhodium is also used to bring a silver aspect to high quality range of fashion jewelry. 


Ruthenium (Black Rhodium): 

Shiny or matt black color plating depending on the chosen texture of the surface. Black ruthenium is also used to help color matching gradient pave or to camouflage the prongs on micro-pave using black diamonds, black sapphires or other dark stones like blue sapphires and green Tsavorite garnet on white gold jewelry.


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